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Tea and scones at Char Bar, Knutsford

Tea and scones at Char Bar, Knutsford

Headshots taken by Harold Thompson 

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

During January my agency sent me for an audition in Leeds for a new BBC drama called Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. There were at least 80 people at the audition and out of 40 odd sent from my agency, 18 or so were called to the audition and only 4 of us got the job!!! I was unbelievably happy and couldn’t wait to start rehearsals and then filming. I went to a fitting in Leeds and was given the dress I was to wear for the shoot and then the week after I went, along with the other 40 dancers, to our rehearsals. 

It was so wonderful getting to know all the other dancers, hair and make up artists, cast and crew and by the end we all felt like a little family! Everyone was really kind and supportive of each other and I had a brilliant time filming in a stunning location up in Yorkshire.

I have some wonderful photographs from the week but I can’t post them until the show has been aired (January 2015).

Here are some links to IMDb and an article on the coming series 



I am so excited to see the final product and fingers crossed I will get a good look in on camera!!!

Night Parrot

Films and television work 

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (January 2014) 

Photos from the filming and promotion of Bloom


Over the past few months I have been involved in talks about a new short film directed by Rob Maxwell and written by William Andrews called Bloom. Filming has now been completed (January 2014) and it is set to be released in May 2014 with a special screening and Q and A session with the cast and crew. 

It was a pleasure to work with such a talented and professional group of people and would like to thank them all for such a wonderful time!

We have a page on facebook that keeps you up to date on all things Bloom if you would like to take a look:


The production company Sic Infit Productions that created Bloom also has a website up and running with new and interesting projects in the pipeline. 


I wish Rob Maxwell all the best in his projects and would like to thank him for the role of Terra in Bloom. He was a professional and incredibly supportive director and deserves only the best for the future.

Night Parrott

Film and tv work 

(December 2013 and January 2014) 

The Kea

Stream of consciousness 

Sorry it’s been months since I’ve posted but I have a lot going on and barely had time to think! Most of my acting news is now being posted on a facebook page :) 

Take a look at https://www.facebook.com/charlotterebeccagreenactress

However, I will post some photos and news on here too!

Since Christmas I have been spending time with my family and friends, doing various bits of acting work, visiting my boyfriend and just enjoying life as it comes. I’m definitely one of those people that plan, they have a goal in mind and have smaller goals to achieve it. However at the moment - my obvious goal is to be an actress - but I have many different avenues I could follow, so I’m trying them all and seeing what comes up, letting life sweep me along in its current! Which for someone like me is utterly liberating yet horrendously scary at the same time!

I will try to blog more as it allows me to get things off my chest and share the things I love with the world :)


This week I saw Sweeney Todd at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester and it was one of the best musicals I have ever seen! 

As it was set in the round and placed in a greasy spoon cafe in the 80’s I went in with quite an open mind. However, after the first choral number my jaw was on the floor and I couldn’t wait to see the rest of it! David Birrell was a terrifyingly watchable Mr Todd and Gillian Bevan was hilarious as Mrs Lovett. The relationship between the two was incredible; a blend of sexual tension and murderous heat. Other notable performances came from Barbara Drennan as the beggar woman and Ben Scott as Tobias Ragg, but as I’m writing this I think of another cast member that really came into their own and another that was fantastic. The whole cast really came together and each individual really created an impact. 

The artistic director of West Yorkshire Playhouse, James Brining created an amazing world for the actors to inhabit. With movable seats and counters creating the mental hospital, to split scenes and a real three wheeled car onstage! 

An amazing night out and stunning performances from cast, crew and all musicians involved. If you haven’t seen it yet BOOK TICKETS NOW!


Theatre and music

Due to this bird being a terrific dancer when mating! It is also an extremely colourful bird and has a lovely voice as many people I know in the industry have. 

Sweeney Todd, Royal Exchange, Manchester, November 2013 


I have recently started out in the acting business and I have already been part of many conversations about taking unpaid work. In my knowledge of acting work there has always been ‘work for credits’ as long as I can remember. I don’t know if this has always been the way or if it has changed in the last twenty/ thirty years. All I know is my experience and that numerous people are very much against it. They state it spreads the word that actors will work for free and allows production companies to take advantage of us. The actors that do work for free seem to keep very quiet about the subject, possibly fearing a backlash from others in the industry.

On this topic, I read on facebook that some actors had been chosen to be extras for a very famous pop star in their show. However, once they arrived at said show they were told they would not be paid as they were merely ‘stage dressing’ one actor demanded enough payment just to cover the other work she had turned down to do this job. In the end they told her she could have £40 but nothing more as it wouldn’t be fair to the others. The said actor didn’t complete the job and I have found out from other extras (who were happy to work for free) that as ‘stage dressing’ they had to sing during a number which I think is more than worth payment as they are providing a performance. In this situation I think it is despicable that a star earning as much as they do from a popular and expensive show such as this doesn’t pay everyone. As a result it is reflecting extremely badly on them and is tarnishing their name.

Although I completely agree that working for free, for a show of such calibre and with so much money behind it is completely unfair, I do think there are times when unpaid work is acceptable.

I really started thinking about the ‘working for free’ dilemma when talking to my dad about an unpaid film I was about to undertake. He didn’t understand why, given that I have training, I would have to work for free. He surprisingly compared me to a plumber; hear me out on this one! He said if he hired a young plumber who had just learnt his craft and was now a professional tradesman and said “well I’ll give you petrol money and a pizza seeing as you’re new at this”, he’d have a lawsuit on his hands! So why as actors is it acceptable? My answer, I don’t know! However, I do have personal justification for it.

I graduated in July and have been doing some work as an extra (paid) and some student / low or no budget films (unpaid). For me, the extra work means money and experience on professional sets, watching professional actors. The non paid jobs give me experience in more prominent roles in front of a camera. Hopefully, a combination of my head shot, spotlight profile (which I am currently saving for), multiple named character credits and show reel will help me to gain an agent who in turn will help me to secure paid roles.

Many people have said it is demeaning to work for no money but in the majority of work I have done I have been treated with more value and respect in the ‘work for experience’ jobs than the paid ones. I have had my meals on time rather than lunch in the afternoon and I was thanked multiple times for my contribution and really felt like a member of the team.

My conclusion is, taking unpaid or paid work is a personal decision. Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are lucky enough to get paid roles straight away then I wish you all the best. If you are, like me, using them as a stepping stone to further your career then go for it! It’s your career and your choice!